Pete Kornowski - Artist - USA


I mostly remember always having a passion for creating...  drawing, painting, graphic design, carpentry, music, all have become avenues for my creativity.  I'm hooked on the process... receiving an idea (wherever those come from??) and bringing it to life for the senses!  It's addicting and fulfilling!  "Making things" has always felt good to me, so I keep coming back for more.  

I get personal satisfaction from the process of creating, a form of meditation at best, an escape at worst.  For me, finished projects mark a place and time within my own experience... my way of journaling I suppose.  I enjoy sharing my creations with other people, but have no expectation of adoration.  Everyone walks a different path in life, and if me, and the things I do in some way overlap with other peoples unique experiences, all is in order.  

I am a self-studied artist.  I have no formal art training and hold no degrees of peer approval.  I learn a great deal from watching and working with other artists.  I continue to learn and grow while surrounding myself with people and experiences engaged in the same.  

Where possible, I attempt to tell stories with my art, to create the sense something is about to happen, or just has.  I like imagery that begs questions; Who is he?  How did that get there?  Why?  I don't often have the answer, I think thats for each viewer to dream for themselves.  

Artsy self righteousness aside, I like to get paid for my work.  Commission me for a painting, a mural, posters or flyers, picture frames, furniture, handiwork, or anything else where I get to use my hands, and expect a fair price for the materials and my time.  

Ultimately, I just like to make stuff for myself and other people!